Chocolate Truffles & Caramels
Fruit & Nut Bars
Caramel Buttercups

Lesley's Gourmet welcomes you to our online boutique.

Our exclusive Artisan creations are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients.

We invite you to enjoy each of our specialties as much as we enjoy creating them.

". . . It’s one of the too-few places around Seattle that sells the exceptional Lesley’s Gourmet, chocolates, fruit bars and chutney hand-crafted in Bellevue. And when I stopped in for a post-lunch pick-me-up, the nice lady at the counter advised me to try the just-in truffle. Oh. My. Dear.

The truffle hit that perfect balance between sweet and bitter, any edges rounded off by its luxe creaminess. It's the kind of life-affirming bite that causes you to make embarassing moaning noises in public. After savoring that treat, the rest of my day was a whole lot nicer. Go get one!" - Leslie Kelly, Seattle Magazine, 11/08/2012

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